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Be Free from your
Current Negative Emotions...

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7 Signs Your Current Emotions are Impacting Your Happy Home (what to do about it)

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About Cally

Cally Tran is an Inner Work Coach, Sexual Abuse, & Trauma Coach. It took her 25 years to realize that anything is possible in life, to know that change is possible no matter what circumstances we come from. It took her this long to come to terms with the lions in her life and to feel strong enough to face them and make changes, and she did not do it alone.

Throughout her journey, she has dealt with absent parent and neglect, physical/sexual abuse, self-doubt, deception, drugs, alcohol, and premature ovarian failure, and these are just a few things she had to overcome. Yet all of these have been part of her journey and her path to finding and loving herself.

Her life turned around when she decided to stop running form herself and face all her challenges. She met a woman by the name of Melissa who help her learn an find her way back to her real self. By facing her lions in her life had led her to the person she is today.

She is now an author, mother to a beautiful girl and boy, married to her soul mate, and is now sharing what she has learnt by helping other overcome hardships like hers. Her days are filled with a practice of treating herself with unconditional love and respect, loving every part of her mind, body, and soul and helping others to do the same.

Cally Tran helps you resolve the root cause of the issue from the unconscious mind helping you evolve from being a Trauma Survivor to Living Love and Freedom

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